Fresh on the slopes

Skiing and Snowboarding

Yearly millions of adults and kids travel to the snowy mountains to enjoy skiing or snowboarding down the white slopes. Everybody knows how skiing and snowboarding shoes, gloves, helmets and ski apparel can start to smell badly.

The combination of moist and sweat can create smelly bacteria, mold and increase the risk of infections. You don’t want that. You don’t want smelly gear on your body, in your locker room, in your sports bag or in your house. And you certainly don’t want them to affect your performance or your skiing experience.

Therefore RHINOC Sport Performance Gear Fresh and Laundry Detergent get and keep your ski and snowboarding gear fresh, clean, healthy and in shape. In a very effective, natural, bio degradable way with a revolutionary technology called probiotics. RHINOC Sport Performance helps you to enjoy skiing and snowboarding at your best!