Gyms & Clubs solutions

As an owner or manager of a gym, dojo, fitness centre, sports club, karting track, ski rental shop, bowling center, etc. you want to deliver the best service to your customers. A clean, save and healthy environment is one of the key aspects of your services.

Your customers expect to use, rent and work with clean sports gear and equipment. They do not want unpleasant odours nor bad smells. No bad bacteria nor germs. No risk of infections. No deodorizers that mask bad smells nor chemical disinfectants that are bad for the environment.

Specially for you and your customers RHINOC Sport Performance offers a range of highly effective cleaning products. Some of our products are based on plant extracts. Some make use of a revolutionary technology called probiotics that cleans deeply, takes care of bad smells and reduces the risk of mold and infections. RHINOC Sport Performance cleaning products are biodegradable and even environmentally beneficial.

Products for Gyms & Clubs

RHINOC Sport professional products

All Purpose Cleaners

  • powerful highly concentrated biological All Purpose cleaner using probiotics
  • for a 100% safe, deep microscopic and environmentally friendly cleaning
  • for of all your sports gear and equipment, like sport mats, sports equipment such as punching bags/ pads, fitness equipment, etc.
  • effectively eliminates dirt, sweat stains, unpleasant smells and brings a fresh scent
  • creating a healthy microflora on surfaces which reduces the risk of mold, infections, and bad / pathogenic bacteria till 5 days after use
  • completely safe for humans and materials
  • even environmentally beneficial thanks to the use of millions of good micro-organisms which is important in a sports environment
  •  2 years shelf life guaranteed

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Products for Athletes

RHINOC Sport Gear Fresh 200ml and 150ml

Gear Fresh

RHINOC® Sport Performance Gear Fresh is an effective probiotic spray for 100% safe, effective and quick removal of sweat odour of sports shoes, (ski)shoes, skiing- and boxing gloves, helmets, shin guards, knee pads, (ice) skates, etc.
RHINOC® Sport Performance Gear Fresh eliminates and prevents unpleasant odors and actively reduces the risk of mold. RHINOC® Sport Performance Gear Fresh is completely safe and is suitable for all materials. The spray is biodegradable and therefore not harmful to humans and the environment.

All Purpose Cleaner RFU

RHINOC® Sports Performance All Purpose Cleaner is a powerful ready for use cleaner specially developed for an effective and 100% safe cleaning of all types of sports flooring, sports mats, punching bags and -cushions and fitness equipment.

RHINOC® Sports Performance All Purpose Cleaner has a prolonged action and cleans deeper than the universal cleaners because of the enrichment with probiotics. It has a powerful and effective triple action for optimal hygiene:

  1. deep microscopic cleaning in the smallest impurities of a surface
  2. removal and prevention of unpleasant odors
  3. creation of a safe and healthy microflora on surfaces, which reduces the risk of mold and infections

RHINOC® Sports Performance All Purpose Cleaner is safe to use, environmentally beneficial and biodegradable.

RHINOC Sport All Purpose Cleaner RFU
RHINOC Sport Laundry Detergent 500ml

Laundry Detergent – 500ml

RHINOC® Sport Performance Laundry Detergent is a revolutionary super concentrated detergent for sportswear based on probiotics. This guarantees an extra deep cleansing action plus a highly effective and lasting (sweat) odour control.

RHINOC® Sport Performance Laundry Detergent is 100% safe for both white and colored (synthetic) sport fabrics. Active between 30 °C and 60 °C. Approximately 17 loads!

RHINOC® Sport Performance Laundry Detergent  is biodegradable and even cleans the pipes and drain of your washing machine.