Becoming a Distribution Partner or Retail Partner

“Together we can make a difference!”

RHINOC Sport loves working with partners, because passionate and strong distribution and retail partners can help us grow and realize more impact. Locally and internationally.

RHINOC Sport is expanding internationally and is looking for distribution & retail partners who love to help us creating a better, healthier and cleaner sports environment. Who love to solve cleaning, hygiene and unpleasant odour problems for athletes, gyms, fitness centers, sports clubs, etc.

We are looking for partners who have a passion for sports, a healthy lifestyle and are environmentally conscious. Who have a proven track record in distributing / retailing in the sports market and to the aforementioned target audiences. We are especially interested in partners that have a focus on, strong connections with and access to specific relevant sports and communities of athletes.

Authorised Partners

Some criteria we find important for our Authorised Distribution Partners:

  • Passionate about sports and a healthy lifestyle
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Excellent understanding of the market(s) you serve and of the needs of the final customer (groups)
  • Large, relevant and quality reseller/retailer customer base
  • Specialized in specific sports/activities is desirable
  • Proven marketing and sales capabilities
  • A good understanding and communication of our Rhinoc Sport Solutions
  • Exclusive rights for specific markets can be obtained

Authorised Retailers

Besides Authorised Distribution Partners we are also looking for Retail Partners who sell to to the final customer, the athletes.

Retail Partners could be:

  • (specialized) Stores for sports and other activities
  • Online websites for sports and other activities
  • Health & Fitness Centers
  • Sports clubs

Current Authorised Partners

For more information about our Authorised Partners and Distributors please go to our Authorised Partners & Distributors page.

Are you interested to becoming a RHINOC Sport Partner?

Please contact:

Bas Bakker or Roderick Roode

+31 (0)85 0160 261