RHINOC Sport cleaning products are always biodegradable and, where possible, contain 100% natural ingredients of plant extracts or are based on revolutionary probiotics.
Our probiotic products work even environmentally beneficial because they use good bacteria. Important when you do your sports and care about your health and the environment.
Our 100% natural products carry the name All Natural. And our range of probiotic products are called ProBio.

All of RHINOC Sport products are highly effective, biodegradable, affordable and have an elegant and contemporary design.

AllNatural icon

RHINOC Sport All Natural range is fully based on natural ingredients.
The All Natural products often contain plant extracts and essential oils. Thus, they are pure nature and therefore completely safe for humans, animals and the (sports) environment.
RHINOC Sport All Natural’s products are extremely effective at an affordable price.

ProBio icon

RHINOC SPORT ProBio range includes a range of revolutionary products based on probiotics. These ProBio products include good micro-organisms that clean at a microscopic level and have a long lasting effect. They continue working up to 3 days after use.

OurProBio products have a powerful and effective triple action for optimal hygiene:

  1. deep microscopic cleaning in the smallest impurities of a surface
  2. removal and prevention of unpleasant odors
  3. creation of a safe and healthy microflora on surfaces.

ProBio makes disinfectants often unnecessary because the good micro-organisms in the probiotics basically replace the bad micro-organisms. Our ProBio products are environmentally beneficial and therefore contribute to a healthier environment for humans and animals.