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About us

At RHINOC Sport we are convinced that we can achieve a better, healthier and cleaner world together. We want to prove and raise awareness that replacing the often toxic cleaning products by natural and ecological products is simple and helps creating a healthier eco-system and (sports) environment.

Therefore RHINOC Sport’s mission is to improve the performance of every athlete* by creating a natural & healthier environment in an awesome effective way.

RHINOC Sport American Footbal


Making a difference. We believe that together we can create a better, healthier and cleaner world by encouraging the use of natural, ecological and environment enhancing products. We developed 10 principles and values on which we want to do business and build our brand. We call them the RHINOC Fundamentals.

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RHINOC Sport and Charity

We believe we have the responsibility to contribute to a better world. That’s why we donate 5% of our earnings to our Foundation.  In this foundation we support good initiatives that improve our planet. With RHINOC Sport we primarily focus on the wellbeing of children. But the foundation also supports other good initiatives like deplastification and nature & wildlife.



As part of our mission to create a better world and improve the health and wellbeing of athletes and our planet we created strong partnerships. Together with our partners, like Waste2Wear and Shadowview, we take lead in making a difference for a better world.

Contact & FAQ

If you have any questions about RHINOC Sport of about our products please visit our FAQ page. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us.